Serenity – Acrylic Painting

This is one of last year’s favorites. I really had a whole other plan for this one but somehow, this icy perspective came out as if it had a life of its own.


Acrylic on stretched canvas
61 by 46 cm (24 by 18 inches)

Source: Serenity


Tulips And Textures

Sun And Shade - Photography

Sun And Shade

More flower gardens from Stanley Park of Vancouver’s West End. So many tulips, so little time. I could have spent all day taking pictures there.

In Between - Photography

In Between

Silky Yellows - Photography

Silky Yellows

Wide Open - Photography

Wide Open

A Thousand Petals - Photography

A Thousand Petals










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Photography Prints


These three turned out less then tack sharp but I couldn’t not put them up. For someone who is new to wildlife photography, these are rare captures, so I’ll just make the best of it. I hope you still enjoy them.

The Siblings - Photography

The Siblings

Munching - Photography




Purchase canvas and framed prints at

Photography Prints

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