Sea Wall Long Exposure Photography

For a little something “much” different… I love to play with long exposures when I’m outdoors. This time, instead of the more common silky water long exposure, I incorporated lines and angles along side ghostly figures as people walk down the sea wall, and a perfect line of ships way out in the distance. I added some dramatic edits for a vintage feel and viola! A pretty cool shot. You think?

Sea Wall Long Exposure Photography

Sea Wall Long Exposure


Last But Not Least, Soft Pinks

And finally, here are my two last favourite photos from this Stanley Park series. Can’t wait to shoot the next series as the summer commences and the new blooms come out!

Pink Fields Forever - Photography

Pink Fields Forever

Pink And Yellow, Kinda Mellow - Photography

Pink And Yellow, Kinda Mellow

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This Stanley Park series is almost coming to an end (though I still may come up with a couple more), and I wanted to share some of the peaceful qualities of this amazing park. So far, I’ve covered the spring time flower gardens in ‘Stanley Park Blues‘, ‘It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee‘, ‘Tulips And Textures‘, ‘Bulbs‘, and ‘Vibrant Pinks‘, as well as some wildlife in ‘Goslings‘, ‘Turtles At Lost Lagoon‘, and ‘Lost Lagoon’s Swans‘. As the summer aproaches, I will post updates as the seasonal blooms change to other varieties. Also, I plan to go much deeper into the woods to show the incredible natural history displayed throughout this magical place.

Quiet - Photography


Fallen - Photography


Crossing Over - Photography

Crossing Over

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Vibrant Pinks

Time for me to educate myself on the flowers I’m capturing. Who can tell me what this one is called?

This is yet another section of the beautiful flower gardens in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

Basking In The Sun - Photography

Basking In The Sun

Open To The World - Photography

Open To The World

Towering - Photography


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Lost Lagoon’s Swans

This was my fist time capturing swans on camera. I have to say, as they float peacefully like that, they really emanate a sense of grace and beauty.

Graceful Solitude - Photography

Graceful Solitude

Peaceful - Photography


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Social - Photography


Does anyone know what these are? I thought maybe these are what blooms into the purple flower from ‘It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee!‘ Well, what ever they are, they are awesome and very unique and so I thought I would share.

Small, Medium and Large - Photography

Small, Medium and Large

Standing Tall - Photography

Standing Tall

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Tulips And Textures

Sun And Shade - Photography

Sun And Shade

More flower gardens from Stanley Park of Vancouver’s West End. So many tulips, so little time. I could have spent all day taking pictures there.

In Between - Photography

In Between

Silky Yellows - Photography

Silky Yellows

Wide Open - Photography

Wide Open

A Thousand Petals - Photography

A Thousand Petals










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These three turned out less then tack sharp but I couldn’t not put them up. For someone who is new to wildlife photography, these are rare captures, so I’ll just make the best of it. I hope you still enjoy them.

The Siblings - Photography

The Siblings

Munching - Photography




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It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee!

Actually, I think it’s a wasp… but bee sounds nicer 🙂

I love bird and bug photography but I’m not one of those patient people who sit for hours to try and capture wild life at the perfect moment. At least not at this stage in my life. So, when I captured this bug at the perfect moment, on the perfect flower, needless to say I was very excited! I also don’t know the name of this perticular flower so I was hoping one of you might tell me.

It's A Bee, It's A Bee! - Photography

It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee!

Purple And I Know It - Photography

Purple And I Know It

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Stanley Park Blues

An excursion to Stanley Park in the West End of Vancouver this weekend had me spend most of my family park time taking pictures of nature. Oh well, a big thank you to my very patient husband for taking care of all else while I do my thing.

This blue flower might as well be a painting… who knows, maybe it will be. But for now, feast your eyes on its absolute perfection, as is in nature.

Blowing In The Wind - Photography

Blowing In The Wind

Standing Out - Photography

Standing Out

Layers Of Blue - Photography

Layers Of Blue

Here I Am - Photography

Here I Am

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