Impasto Sunflowers, Oil Paintings

Though, some of you have already seen these two paintings, I originally posted them right when I started this blog and therefore they received little to no audience. The first one, Fiery Sunflower, is my personal favourite. Now that I have a wonderful audience which (I’m very grateful) is growing every day, I felt compelled to bring this piece up again.

Fiery Sunflower was the first of my paintings that ever sold as a print and it was my first attempt at palette knife painting. I love this technique. For me, it proves to be a very enjoyable and somewhat liberating experience. I love the way the palette knife allows for thick texture. It seems to bring the image to life somehow, don’t you think?

The second, Cool Sunflower On A Sunny Day, was just to see if I could recreate the same effect using opposite colours, complementing the first. Love the bright colour in this one.

Fiery Sunflower - Impressionist Oil Painting

Fiery Sunflower

Cool Sunflower On A Sunny Day - Impressionist Oil Painting

Cool Sunflower On A Sunny Day

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