Solace – My newest painting!

I’m very proud of my newest piece! I’ve been focusing on painting a LOT! Absolutely loving the therapeutic process. This one is almost finished. I’ve got a few minor adjustments to make but I couldn’t wait to start sharing my progress with you.

Please, comment if you enjoy this forest painting.
Does it strike an emotion or a memory?


Acrylic on stretched canvas
24 by 20 inches

Source: Solace


Red Rose

Nothing says beautiful like a perfect, red rose.

Red Rose I - Floral Photography

Red Rose I

Red Rose II - Floral Photography

Red Rose II

Red Rose III - Floral Photography

Red Rose III

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Rainy Walk, Part 1 – Forest Reds

Dripping I - Photography

Dripping III

Red leaved trees, showered with rain. The perfect subject and a joy to photograph.

Dripping II - Photography

Dripping II

Dripping I - Photography

Dripping I












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Silky Tulip II

Silky Tulip II - PhotographyA bright red tulip, basking in the sun. The sunshine in this shot really accentuates the silky textures of this beautiful flower.

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