Moonlit Dahlia I

Little bit of light play. This is the most stunning dahlia but I thought why not photograph it at night and from below? It’s something different (for me) and kind of refreshing. I like the way this lighting emphasizes the textures of this beautiful flower. Tomorrow, I will post this flower from above so you can see its hundreds of pink and yellow petals lit the same way.

Dahlia I - Floral Photography

Dahlia I

Dahlia II - Floral Photography

Dahlia II

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It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee!

Actually, I think it’s a wasp… but bee sounds nicer 🙂

I love bird and bug photography but I’m not one of those patient people who sit for hours to try and capture wild life at the perfect moment. At least not at this stage in my life. So, when I captured this bug at the perfect moment, on the perfect flower, needless to say I was very excited! I also don’t know the name of this perticular flower so I was hoping one of you might tell me.

It's A Bee, It's A Bee! - Photography

It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee!

Purple And I Know It - Photography

Purple And I Know It

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Study Of A Leaf

As the sun beats down on its large leaves, my dieffenbachia plant, beautifully brightens my kitchen with vibrant tones of green.

Overlapping Green - Photography

Overlapping Green

Veins - Photography


Spine - Photography


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