Unfinished but Lovely 

Phases one, two and three of the piece I’m currently working on. I’m excellent at starting paintings, proving to myself that I can pull off what I intend on expressing but not actually finishing them until I absolutely have to… Maybe at last minute before a potential buyer is coming to view it or just before I’m submitting for a show.

This, like others is at the point that I love it but, no it’s not finished. I’m determined though. I think I’m going to finish it.

Not only that, but I might actually finish some others. I might just…



Lonely Sailboat, The Oil Painting, Almost Complete

Inspired by ‘Lonely Sailboat’, the photograph.

Ok, I’m now getting that happy, content feeling of having completed this painting. I added much more texture to the water, mountains and clouds and completely redesigned the boat. I will let it dry and possibly add more definition to the base of the boat but overall I’m feeling very happy with the result. Check back often for the final copy!

Lonely Sailboat - Almost Done - Impressionist Oil Painting

Lonely Sailboat – Almost Done

Lonely Sailboat - Boat, Close-up - Impressionist Oil Painting

Lonely Sailboat – Boat, Close-up

Lonely Sailboat - Mountains, Close-up - Impressionist Oil Painting

Lonely Sailboat – Mountains, Close-up

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Lonely Sailboat Work In Progress, Phase 1
Lonely Sailboat Work In Progress, Phase 2

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