Hot Pink, Wild Rose

Hot hot pink. These wild rose bushes on the way to our local playground, fill my heart with nostalgia every spring time. My grandmother used to love these flowers and I think she even made tea with them. Each time I see them and smell their beautiful scent, I think of her.

Wild Hot Pink Rose I - Floral Photography

Wild Hot Pink Rose I

Wild Hot Pink Rose II - Floral Photography

Wild Hot Pink Rose II

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Rainy Walk, Part 3 – Green Wonders

Rain, Rain, Raindrops - Photography

Rain, Rain, Raindrops

This first one must have been the wettest thing I saw. Just asking to get photograhed!

Green Silky Textures - Photography

Green Silky Textures

I love the textures in this second photo. Though the petals have fallen, this salmonberry beautifully compliments the glissening, leafy branch.

Hello Rain - Photography

Hello Rain

Three, eager blossoms, ready to welcome the rain.


Rainy Walk, Part 1 – Forest Reds

Rainy Walk, Part 2 – Trees



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