Red Rose

Nothing says beautiful like a perfect, red rose.

Red Rose I - Floral Photography

Red Rose I

Red Rose II - Floral Photography

Red Rose II

Red Rose III - Floral Photography

Red Rose III

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Korean Dwarf Lilac

Lilacs are some of my all time favourite flowers. Not only because they’re pleasing to the eye but their fragrance is just incredible. It’s such a soothing scent, if I could, I would stand in front of my house all day just to breathe it in. Here it is in full bloom.

Dwarf Korean Lilac I - Photography

Dwarf Korean Lilac I

Dwarf Korean Lilac II - Photography

Dwarf Korean Lilac II

Dwarf Korean Lilac III - Photography

Dwarf Korean Lilac III

Dwarf Korean Lilac IV - Photography

Dwarf Korean Lilac IV

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Rainy Walk, Part 4 – Flowers

Lusciously Pink, breathtaking blossoms just down the street from my house.

Lusciously Pink - Photography

Lusciously Pink

Lusciously Pink II - Photography

Lusciously Pink II





These beautiful azaleas and bell flowers happened to catch my eye while passing some houses on my way home.

Rainy Azalea - Photography

Rainy Azalea

Spring's Colours - Photography

Spring’s Colours










Rainy Walk, Part 3 – Green Wonders
Rainy Walk, Part 2 – Trees
Rainy Walk, Part 1 – Forest Reds

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