Aldergrove Zoo, Part 2 – Birds

You would think that by zoo birds I mean colourful parrots and other exotic species. However, all the exotic ones seemed to be hiding both times we tried to see them this trip. Not to worry, though. I thought this peacock, sitting on a rather unattractive fence (hence, the zoomed-in headshot), was pretty spectacular with his shiny, blue feathers and a ton of attitude. And the robin is just as pretty as any bird showing off his orange belly in the area where parrots usually hang out.

Peacock - Wildlife Photography


American Robin - Wildlife Photography

American Robin

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These three turned out less then tack sharp but I couldn’t not put them up. For someone who is new to wildlife photography, these are rare captures, so I’ll just make the best of it. I hope you still enjoy them.

The Siblings - Photography

The Siblings

Munching - Photography




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