Clematis And A Honey Bee

Huge pinky purple clematis blooms. These beautiful flowers are major honey bee attractors. The only problem when capturing these was that the bees were so busy moving from one flower to the next that I could barely get any decent shots. But, I will keep trying as the summer commences, and I have a feeling I’ll get a few great ones to post very, very soon.

Busy Bee - Photography

Busy Bee

Clematis - Photography


Clematis In The Shade

Clematis In The Shade

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It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee!

Actually, I think it’s a wasp… but bee sounds nicer 🙂

I love bird and bug photography but I’m not one of those patient people who sit for hours to try and capture wild life at the perfect moment. At least not at this stage in my life. So, when I captured this bug at the perfect moment, on the perfect flower, needless to say I was very excited! I also don’t know the name of this perticular flower so I was hoping one of you might tell me.

It's A Bee, It's A Bee! - Photography

It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee!

Purple And I Know It - Photography

Purple And I Know It

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