Sea Wall Long Exposure Photography

For a little something “much” different… I love to play with long exposures when I’m outdoors. This time, instead of the more common silky water long exposure, I incorporated lines and angles along side ghostly figures as people walk down the sea wall, and a perfect line of ships way out in the distance. I added some dramatic edits for a vintage feel and viola! A pretty cool shot. You think?

Sea Wall Long Exposure Photography

Sea Wall Long Exposure

Summertime Beachy Pleasures

Finally, summer is here! Vancouver’s Lower Mainland has been usually cold the last few weeks but lo and behold, summer is here. And as so, I was ever so inclined to take the kids to the beach. Here’s one photo that I think represents some of the reasons why we really love summer.

Whiterock Beach Fun - Photography

Whiterock Beach Fun

The One Lovely Blog Award!

I have been nominated for The One Lovely Blog Award!

I was nominated by the awesome Shirsha Ganguly from the blog 1 (Leap) Year. 366 Photos. Check her out!

The One Lovely Blog Award Rules:

1. Mention who gave it to you with a link back to their blog.
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Give this award to fifteen other bloggers. Let them know they’ve won.
4. Post the award on your blog.

7 Things About Me:

  • I love bright colour.
  • I love sushi.
  • I love vegetarian food but I’m not a vegetarian.
  • I still love grunge music.
  • I want purple hair but it will never turn out because I’m afraid to bleach it.
  • I’m not a morning person.
  • I drew my first portrait at 12 and painted my first lanscape at 13.

15 Blogs I Nominated:


This Stanley Park series is almost coming to an end (though I still may come up with a couple more), and I wanted to share some of the peaceful qualities of this amazing park. So far, I’ve covered the spring time flower gardens in ‘Stanley Park Blues‘, ‘It’s A Bee, It’s A Bee‘, ‘Tulips And Textures‘, ‘Bulbs‘, and ‘Vibrant Pinks‘, as well as some wildlife in ‘Goslings‘, ‘Turtles At Lost Lagoon‘, and ‘Lost Lagoon’s Swans‘. As the summer aproaches, I will post updates as the seasonal blooms change to other varieties. Also, I plan to go much deeper into the woods to show the incredible natural history displayed throughout this magical place.

Quiet - Photography


Fallen - Photography


Crossing Over - Photography

Crossing Over

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Lost Lagoon’s Swans

This was my fist time capturing swans on camera. I have to say, as they float peacefully like that, they really emanate a sense of grace and beauty.

Graceful Solitude - Photography

Graceful Solitude

Peaceful - Photography


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Happy Mom’s Day!

New Discoveries - Photography

New Discoveries

I thought this was a fitting one for today. Their intent gaze down at the water as they discover something new is a perfect example of what makes motherhood so special. Happy Mothers’ Day!

She Lives On Pink Street

And now, for a little something different. This cul de sac was striking in all its spring time glory. Cherry blossoms covered the sides of the road, perfect grass everywhere, magnolias decorated each front yard and the most perfect looking house at the very end. Still, the shot was boring on it’s own. So I embellished it just a little. I don’t usually apply this effect but in this case, I kinda like it. Besides, neon is back in these days, no?

Pink Street - Photography

Pink Street

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Quiet Serenity

Lonley Sailboat II - Photography

Lonely Sailboat II

Yet another ‘Lonely Sailboat‘. Unlike my previous rendition, this one was out on this calm, cloudy day. Still just as peaceful and beautiful.

Velvety Sky Over The Pier - Photography

Velvety Sky Over The Pier





Though, not much was happening in the sky this gray day, the clouds were striking with velvety textures and soft, subtle colours.

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Pier At Whiterock Beach

My favorite shots of the beautiful Pier in Whiterock, British Columbia, Canada. Which one do you like?

Tide Is Out - Photography

Tide Is Out

Busy Whiterock Pier - Photography

Busy Whiterock Pier

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Lonely Sailboat (work in progress phase 2)

Lonely Sailboat (work in progress 2) - Oil On Canvas

Lonely Sailboat (work in progress 2) - Oil On Canvas

This second phase is more interesting then the first as I’ve added more contrast and texture. Still some work to be done but it’s coming along happily.
– Based on ‘Lonely Sailboat’, the photograph.

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