Aldergrove Zoo, Part 4 – Pink Flowers

Such amazing pinks! When in full bloom, these resemble a wild rose-bush, but the buds are quite different from the wild roses I’m familiar with. Do you know what these are?

Bright Pink With Textures - Floral Photography

Bright Pink With Textures

Bright Pink Buds - Floral Photography

Bright Pink Buds

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  1. They look like a Peony.

  2. I am so sorry I did Pink Today as well 😦 just seeing yours! Pretty Pretty

  3. Lovely photos. They look like good, old-fashioned peonies to me.

  4. Yummmmmmmm….peonies….my FAVORITE smell!! πŸ™‚ And so beautiful to photograph with all the dimensions and lovely heavy bulbs!! Beautiful!!

  5. The buds in amongst the green leaves look lovely.

  6. they are pretty, for sure!


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