Korean Dwarf Lilac

Lilacs are some of my all time favourite flowers. Not only because they’re pleasing to the eye but their fragrance is just incredible. It’s such a soothing scent, if I could, I would stand in front of my house all day just to breathe it in. Here it is in full bloom.

Dwarf Korean Lilac I - Photography

Dwarf Korean Lilac I

Dwarf Korean Lilac II - Photography

Dwarf Korean Lilac II

Dwarf Korean Lilac III - Photography

Dwarf Korean Lilac III

Dwarf Korean Lilac IV - Photography

Dwarf Korean Lilac IV

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  1. I’ve got two of these in my yard and they are a week away from full bloom. Your photos make the anticipation that much greater!

  2. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers too. My grandmother’s long driveway leading up to her house was lined on both sides with lilac bushes…seeing your photos brings back sweet memories. Thanks for the beautiful photos. πŸ™‚

  3. So pretty! Love the colour of these =)

  4. I’m trying really hard imagine the aroma…..lovely!

  5. Gregory

     /  June 6, 2012

    Beautiful. I bet they smell as good as they look.

  6. Lovely pictures. All that delicate shades of mauve, pink and white. Pity we can’t smell them.


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