Sunshine Award

I’m very honoured to receive the Sunshine Award!

Thank you, to the lovely Kimberly Konkol of the wonderful blog,Ever Lasting Love Of Flowers, for passing this award to me.

Rules for the Sunshine Award:

    1. Link the award to the person who gave it to you.
    2. Answer the questions that come with it.
    3. Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it.

10 Awesome Blogs I Pass The Sunshine Award To:

To Answer 10 Questions About Me:

    1. Favourite Colour
    – My favourite colour is green.
    2. Favourite Animial
    – My favourite animals would have to be cats (I love my cat’s ability to be independent and lovable at the same time).
    3. Favourite Number
    – My favourite number is 21.
    4. Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink
    – My favourite non-alcoholic drink is a toss-up between green tea and chai tea lattes.
    5. Facebook or Twitter
    – I enjoy both Facebook and Twitter but I prefer Facebook for personal and Twitter for professional.
    6. My Passion
    – My passions are painting and photography.
    7. Giving or Receiving
    – Can’t deny that I love receiving presents but few things beat the feeling of knowing you got just the perfect gift for someone you love.
    8. Favourite Pattern
    – I like stripes.
    9. Favourite Day of the Week
    – My favourite day of the week is Saturday.
    10. Favourite Flower
    – My favourite flowers are wild roses.
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  1. CONGRATS TO YOU! This is perfect as you truly do bring “sunshine” to us with your art/photography. (Also, I appreciate the nod….that’s so sweet of you to think of me.) โ™ฅ paula

  2. congrats! and thanks for nominating me, i appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congrats to you and thank you so much for sending this award my way as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Congratulations on receiving such a nice little treasure…seems like you and your blog are quite deserving, Eva. Thank you for your generosity in sharing, too…I appreciate your kind thoughts.

  5. asuka11

     /  June 5, 2012

    Congratulations! Liked your answers.

  6. melanielegault

     /  June 5, 2012

    Congratulations to you and thanks again for nominating me. Here is my response to the questions:

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  2. I’m Walking on Sunshine! (The Sunshine Award, that is ~) | stuff i tell my sister

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