Poppy Season

To continue with the flower gardens at Bear Creek Park, here are some neighbours to the ‘Budding Poppies‘ of yesterday’s post. Love them both!

Love - Floral Photography


To The Sky - Flower Photography

To The Sky

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Photography Prints

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  1. I love “To The Sky.” The colors are so vivid.

  2. Beautiful color !

  3. These would make beautiful paintings!

  4. Intense beauty!

  5. Love, love, love Poppies! These are great!

  6. I really enjoy your work. This particular collection is a favorite. We grew a small plot of poppies as a child…They bring back much memories of my father and childhood. Simply lovely…

  7. Reblogged this on Bloom and commented:
    As an honorable tribute to my father and a new discovery of a talented photographer, this reblog is a must!

    Thank you, Dad, for the memories…of lush…orange and red poppies…

  1. Bear Creek Park « ek photography & art gallery

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