Rainy Spring Blossoms

I love capturing raindrops on flowers. Lucky for me, I live on the West Coast of Canada where we have plenty of rain and therefore plenty of opportunity to get great shots like these.

Rainy Daisy - Photography

Rainy Daisy

Rainy Budding Tree - Photography

Rainy Budding Tree

Rainy Spring Magnolia - Photography

Rainy Spring Magnolia

























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  1. Gorgeous, the buds of May.

  2. what gear are you using for these amazing pictures? are you using a macro lens? (cheers for following my blog!)

    • Thank you for such a great compliment, Lucian! Believe it or not, I used a Canon PowerShot for all the above shots. It’s very quick to adjust your manual settings and I don’t have to worry about changing the lense so I can capture subjects on a whim. Both the branch shots above were taken from a few meters (12-14 feet) away while zooming in and the daisy is a macro shot. I just made sure the lighting was right as well as the angle and they came out perfect. Thank again!

  3. Could there be anything more pure yet alluring to look at 🙂

  4. The raindrops look beautiful, beautiful soft shots! 🙂


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