Sea Wall Long Exposure Photography

For a little something “much” different… I love to play with long exposures when I’m outdoors. This time, instead of the more common silky water long exposure, I incorporated lines and angles along side ghostly figures as people walk down the sea wall, and a perfect line of ships way out in the distance. I added some dramatic edits for a vintage feel and viola! A pretty cool shot. You think?

Sea Wall Long Exposure Photography

Sea Wall Long Exposure

Carnation – White on White Photography

This last Mothers’ Day, a good friend and I (since we’re both moms) went out to lunch together as a little treat to ourselves. As luck would have it, in addition to a free meal, we received these lovely carnations for being moms. And since I have been wanting to experiment with white on white photography, this was the perfect flower for an upcoming blog post. I hope you like it.

Carnation - White on White Photography

Carnation – White on White Photography

Carnation - White on White Photography

Carnation – White on White Photography

Red and Yellow Tulips

As promised, I want to share some new photos with you guys. Until now, I mostly shared outdoor nature photography but I have been working on expanding my horizons and have been setting up shoots indoors using various types of lighting. Back in March, in my high anticipation of spring, these lovely tulips caught my eye at a local market. Here are some results from my first white background floral photography shoot.

Red and Yellow Tulips Photograph

Red and Yellow Tulips

Red and Yellow Tulips Photograph

Red and Yellow Tulips

Red and Yellow Tulips Photograph

Red and Yellow Tulips

Back to WordPress!

ImageOh, how I’ve missed the WordPress community! Over the last few months, I have explored various social media and blogging platforms. In that time I gained many followers on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, a few on Blogspot and others, but I have not had the pleasure of experiencing a real sense of community since I stopped my WordPress posts. So here I am! Back and ready to post photos and experiences. I hope to see many of the same WordPress friends and keep meeting more. Gotta go for now, but expect to hear from me tomorrow.

So glad to be back :-)

A Blooming Getaway Part 1

This summer has been full of fun, nature and beauty. As absent as I’ve been from the blog due to all this fun, I’ve managed to compile quite a library of images for you all to enjoy. Here is a little something from a lovely recent getaway to entice you for the next while as fall approaches and I get back into the old routine.

Framed and Canvas Prints

Pink and Yellow Flower - Macro Photography

Pink and Yellow Flower

Hot Pink and Yellow Flower - Macro Photography

Hot Pink and Yellow Flower

Framed and Canvas Prints

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EK Photography & Art:

This wonderful post includes a few of my photos and paintings. Check it out!

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Landfall in Nuka Hiva

Out of the dark blue sea rose a lush-green mountain ribboned with cascading waterfalls.This was what we saw after 29 days at sea, our first tropical landfall on our round-the-world journey–the Marquesas Islands

Walking through the village on Nuka Hiva down narrow, winding roads, past pastel-colored houses surrounded by gardens overflowing with flowers and dense tropical foliage, melting in the heat and humidity and the perfumed air . . . . . I felt physically and mentally assaulted, overcome by the intensity of the colors and the abundance of the beauty that surrounded me.

EK Photo & Art Layers of Blue

Perhaps it was because we’d been so long at sea, or because this was our first glimpse of a tropical paradise. Or perhaps it was for me as it has been for so many artists and travelers coming to the South Pacific for the first time.


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What a surprise this dragonfly was! Just hanging out on one plant and then the next. Lucky me! I love the black and white stripes on its wings. I’ve actually never seen this type of dragonfly before so it was a really a treat to have it so close and so still for me to photograph.

Dragonfly 1 - Nature Photography

Dragonfly 1

Dragonfly 2 - Nature Photography

Dragonfly 2

Dragonfly 3 - Nature Photography

Dragonfly 3

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Pink Fuchsia

Lovely, pink bells of fuchsia flowers hanging from a basket, asking to be photographed. Enjoy!

Pink Fuchsia - Floral Photography

Pink Fuchsia

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Photography Prints

Summertime Beachy Pleasures

Finally, summer is here! Vancouver’s Lower Mainland has been usually cold the last few weeks but lo and behold, summer is here. And as so, I was ever so inclined to take the kids to the beach. Here’s one photo that I think represents some of the reasons why we really love summer.

Whiterock Beach Fun - Photography

Whiterock Beach Fun

Hot Pink, Wild Rose

Hot hot pink. These wild rose bushes on the way to our local playground, fill my heart with nostalgia every spring time. My grandmother used to love these flowers and I think she even made tea with them. Each time I see them and smell their beautiful scent, I think of her.

Wild Hot Pink Rose I - Floral Photography

Wild Hot Pink Rose I

Wild Hot Pink Rose II - Floral Photography

Wild Hot Pink Rose II

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